• 81Doctor Who: The Only Good Dalek , Justin Richards, Mike Collins (2010)
    Station 7 is the most secret establishment in the whole of Earth-Space. Even our own people don't know it exists. It's beyond top secret. There's no way the Daleks can ever find it. Station 7 is… 1589 руб

  • 82Vader's Little Princess: 30 Postcards (2014)
    This sweet and funny collection of postcards is filled with father-and-daughter moments between Darth Vader, Dark Lord of the Sith and his rebellious daughter, Princess Leia. Perfect to send or keep… 929 руб

  • 83The Mummy: Level 2 (2008)
    In Egypt Imhotep, High Priest of the Dead, stays in the ground for 3215 years. Then he wakes up from his half-life and he starts to kill. Evelyn works in a museum. Rick is a soldier. Can these very… 509 руб

  • 84Mr Bean: Level 2 (+ CD-ROM) , Richard Curtis, Robin Driscoll (2008)
    A famous painting is going to the Grierson Gallery in LA and they want a top man to come to the United States to talk about the artist. The National Gallery in London send Mr Bean. Once he arrives… 799 руб

  • 85Accident First Aid , V. V. Yudenich (1989)
    A person's life and work are closely linked with his environment. The development of industry and transport, mechanization of agriculture, and general acceleration of life's tempos often create… 70 руб

  • 86Slapstick, or, Lonesome No More! , Vonnegut Kurt (1994)
    Wilbur Swain and his twin sister, Eliza, are so immensely hideous, helpless and vile in their infancy that their wealthy parents are forced to send them to live on a nearby asteroid. But behind their… 625 руб

  • 87The Slap , Christos Tsiolkas (2010)
    Soon to be an NBC event series directed by Lisa Cholodenko and starring Uma Thurman, Peter Sarsgaard, and Zachary Quinto. In this powerful and riveting novel, literary phenomenon Christos Tsiolkas… 544.5 руб

  • 88Half Lives , Grant Sara (2014)
    The present: Icie is a typical high school teenager - until disaster strikes and her parents send her to find shelter inside a mountain near Las Vegas. The future: Beckett lives on The Mountain - a… 772 руб

  • 89Batman Noir: The Long Halloween , Jeph Loeb (2014)
    Jeph Loeb and Tim Sale's legendary Batman story is collected in an all-new black and white noir edition! Collecting this landmark series in a brand new noir edition, all-stars Jeph Loeb and Tim Sale… 3749 руб

  • 90War Games , Linda Polman (2011)
    From Rwanda to Afghanistan, from Sudan to Iraq, this brilliantly written and at times blackly funny work of reportage shows how the humanitarian aid industry, the media and warmongers the world over… 423.5 руб